Book and Backend Sales

Book and Backend Sales

Does your book solve a problem for someone? Have you created a backend series of products and/or services (see last week’s post) that continues to address those concerns? If yes, then your revenue potential is downright healthy.

When you’re sharing your expertise on a subject, sales boil down to meeting the prospective buyers’ needs with your book, followed by whatever audio or video program, teleseminar, PDFs and white papers, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches you want to come up with. If people need the information you’re providing, and if you make that clear, they’ll buy what you have to sell well beyond that initial book.

Brendon Burchard’s advice about how to create a great speech for those interested in public speaking is absolutely on point when it comes to coming up with a book and backend sales strategy, creating those backend products or writing that book in the first place. He suggests that you interview the prospective audience and ask:

  • What frustrates you the most about your life or business?
  • What would you love to accomplish this year?
  • What would it take to double your business?
  • What have you tried or not tried?

Then, every 90 days, deliver and market a product or service that meets those needs.

And yes, he details exactly how to implement that ongoing sales sequence in his Experts Academy seminar.


The Action Plan

Brendon offers so many ideas and so much detailed information about how to turn a book into lucrative backend sales that it can be hard to absorb it all. In the end, however, the process boils down to a simple series of action steps:

  • Interview who you want to serve (see above)
  • Create a series of products—a problem-solving book, seminar, speech, program or anything else people can buy from you
  • Create a website and online video sales sequence
  • Campaign
  • Give something away to pull your prospects in deeper, then sell deeper using the “if you like this, you’ll like that” approach


The Bottom Line?

“Always keep in mind three things: excellence, distinction and service,” Brendon advises. “Be you. Be different. Do great things for your clients.”

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