Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy

Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy

If you’ve been following this blog, you’re about to realize that this is Brendon Burchard season. You’ll figure out why if you read my recent posts about productivity and how to make money as a writer, along with the next three posts that will spotlight his Experts Academy.

Brendon’s Experts Academy focuses on having authors offer their expertise—first as a book and then as a series of spin-off products and services. “Content and solutions are what get you ahead,” Brendon says. “You have to solve problems. When you add the element of being authentic and engaging, you have jet fuel.”

To be honest, Brendon was referring to public speaking in the above quote. But listen to him talk and you realize the quote relates to everything he presents in Experts Academy.

It all starts with writing a good book that will help people. But, he cautions, you have to realize that books usually won’t make you rich. The backend makes you the money.

That backend is going to require a website. According to Brendon, there are only three things that a website has to do:

  • Add value and content
  • Capture leads
  • Have something to sell

He’s not just talking about selling your book in that last bullet point. He’s talking about having a series of products to up-sell a buyer and a few products like an e-book to down-sell the person who’s on the fence.

Upsell products could include a:

  • Low tier $47 to $197 audio program that provides training. His example: 7 hours = 7 CDs = 7 days to transformation.
  • Mid-tier audio or DVD program plus workbook based on your prospective audience’s frequently asked questions
  • Teleseminar series

High-end upsell products could include:

  • Taking videos, turning them into CDs, adding in the transcript along with an educational manual
  • Bundling your book or booklet with a video or audio program
  • Workshops
  • A continuity program that people pay in the range of $197/month. (His example: Exclusive, never-before seen interviews with the world’s most XX or an expert taped speech followed by a how-to video.)
  • Keynote speeches

All these products are spin-offs of the main product—the book.

What’s intriguing about this idea—aside from the notion of being able to use all the material gathered during the research phase, whether or not it goes into the book—is that all the material would continue to help people and inspire change since it’s solutions oriented. And then there’s the part about the backend sales actually making you money.

Tune in next week to find out how to create those backend sales.

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