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Business cards used to be so easy. You just had them printed up. Wow, how times have changed! These days, you not only need a website that will grab and hold a person’s attention, you often need a blog as well.


No, not a blog that’s so stuffed with keywords that even the search engines hate it.


And no, not a blog that’s so boring that not even your favorite aunt will want to read it.



You need a blog that:

  • Distinguishes you or whatever you’re selling from your competitors
  • Gives a sense of the person and/or corporate culture behind the business
  •  Establishes your credibility
  • Increases revenue
  • Enhances your online visibility


That’s a tall order. How do you know what to write that will capture people’s attention? How do you find that tone that genuinely reflects who you are, while keeping fickle online surfers interested?


That’s where blog coach Linden comes in.


Linden is a bestselling writer and an acclaimed writing coach with plenty of clients, business associates and friends who have faced those exact challenges with their blogs.


As a blog coach, Linden’s job is to:

  • Help you identify why you’re writing your blog, what you’re trying to achieve and how best to accomplish that goal.
  • Assist you to develop effective blog content (i.e. blog posts) that reflects your voice.
  • Create an editorial calendar.
  • Brainstorm blog ideas.


Linden tailors blog coach services—and fees—to meet your needs.


Want to discover your voice and hone or develop your writing talents?


As your blog coach, Linden can show you how.


Short on time?


Maybe you just want to bash out sloppy copy and let Linden edit or rewrite your blog posts.


No time?


As the experienced ghostwriter of a national bestseller, Linden can ghostwrite your blog posts based on a single monthly interview. With minimal time and effort, your blog will sound like you only better.


Linden is totally dedicated to helping you realize your writing dreams and aspirations, whether you’re a beginner or a published writer. This alliance, which is personalized to meet each individual’s needs, allows you and your writing coach to work on your current project in specific and your writing skills in general.

To contact Linden Gross, please call:

866-839-BOOK (2665)

or email:

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