Grin and Bear It

Grin and Bear It

Despite our best intentions, sometimes all we can do is meet our deadlines and back-burner the rest.

Yup, that’s how my new year has gone.

After dealing with the crud for months, another pup health crisis hit, followed by snowmaggedon. We’ve already had a record snow year for Central Oregon, and it’s only January. Moving what seems like mountains of snow, sometimes more than once, for weeks on end—and clearing roofs so they don’t collapse or start leaking—has been followed by bracing for possible flooding now that temperatures have warmed and rain has replaced snow.

On the bright side, my English Cocker, Dashiell, is just as spirited and waggy-tailed as ever, despite a malignant tumor, surgery and two hemorrhages less than two weeks apart. His sassy prancing is helping me to seize the moment and not worry too much about what’s to come.

And though shoveling is getting old, I’m trying to maintain my sense of pragmatism and my sense humor. “It’s great exercise,” my dad used to say. Now I’m saying it. And when I think of how my friends Viv and Jill, the founders of the travel site for women, approach the endless shoveling, I can’t help but laugh. See for yourselves.


Posted by Vivienne Chapleo on Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Here’s to tackling all our heavy lifting, whether writing is involved or not, with a light heart.

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