Last Year’s Writing Success Stories

Last Year’s Writing Success Stories

What a year—and I mean that in a good way thanks to all my clients’ writing success stories.

In 2016…

I was lucky enough to be able to help Craig and Kathryn Hall with A Perfect Score: The Art, Soul, and Business of a 21st-Century Winery, which would go on to become a New York Times bestseller. I love wine, I love the Halls, I love their book (and the wine they make) and I couldn’t be prouder.

One of my long-term writing coach clients, Barbara Hinske, completed the fifth and final book of her Rosemont series, having turned herself from a first-time writer to a best-selling author in less than four years. Her novella, The Christmas Club, hit #512 in Amazon’s holiday book section the first day it was released. Three weeks later it was #11 in the Kindle holiday section, #8 in Kindle’s romance section, #517 in all Kindle sales, and #11 among all of Amazon’s holiday print sales.

Rancher Honk Norton finished his highly entertaining and self-deprecating novel about his years as the basketball coach of a team of Apache high school underdogs who went on to win the Arizona state championship. Interest in turning the book into a movie has been shown.

Others writing coach clients are closing in on the finish line.

Pragmatic visionary Anya El-Wattar completed her Tantra of Food manuscript, a melding of her life’s journey and discoveries with scientific insights and centuries of wisdom from around the world. Her work explores how the food we eat plays the most vital role in everything we are.

Credit repair expert and mortgage broker John Hudson, another one of my veteran writing coach clients, is nearing two finish lines, having recently realized that he’s actually been writing two books concurrently—one focused on his alcohol-fueled fall from grace and subsequent resurrection, the second on how to deal with losing everything on the financial front.

Ahshad Thompson has managed to complete the first draft of his romance novel despite a change of job and relocation.

Financial planner David Rosell of Rosell Wealth Management is about to finish his second book Keep Climbing, a financial guide geared toward millennials. Like Failure Is Not an Option, David combines education about money with riveting tales of his travels during the ten years he spent a month in 65 different countries.

His friend and colleague Derek Reed, also a financial planner, is closing in on a rough draft that introduces financial concepts through the life and times of his father who captained the Andrea Gail until two years before it went down in the perfect storm. Talk about an intriguing way to learn about money!

The list of accomplishments goes on. Whether the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year have completed their books or are just starting, the secret to their success is simple. They’ve chosen to make the work of writing a priority. I’m so very pleased and so very thankful to have been part of that process.

Whether writing a book is on your bucket list—or you have realized that a book could be the difference that cements your credibility or sets you apart from your competition—here’s to making that happen in 2017.



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