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A Productive Writer’s Life

A Productive Writer’s Life

Are you the productive writer you could be? Or is making time to write a never-ending challenge because of everything else on your plate? My writing coach client John Hudson, who is working on not one but two books, was finding it nearly impossible to consistently make the writing progress he wanted. Granted, the credit… Continue Reading

Yet Another 2016 Writing Success Story

Yet Another 2016 Writing Success Story

A writing success always requires the rewriting of one’s initial drafts. This new true crime story, written by one of my writing coach clients, is a great example of that. When retired lawyer and former police officer J. Andre Boles had me critique his nonfiction manuscript about the murder of one of Reno’s most liked… Continue Reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017! Here’s to a year of inspiration and productivity, and to putting your bucket list and your priorities ahead of your inbox. And here’s to approaching your writing with the same curiosity, excitement, joy and resilience as a panda discovering a snowman. Cheers, Linden Continue Reading

Social Media for Authors – From Novice to Bestselling Writer

Social Media for Authors – From Novice to Bestselling Writer

Social media for authors was the last thing on attorney Barbara Hinske’s mind when she started writing her first book. She actually self-published the novel under her maiden name so if it bombed she wouldn’t be embarrassed for life. When the novel started to get some positive acclaim, she decided to promote it via social media… Continue Reading

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