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Realistic Writing Expectations

Realistic Writing Expectations

How realistic are your writing expectations? “I will write 2,500 words a week,” one of my writing coach clients assured me. I had heard this before. “I love your enthusiasm, but considering what’s happening at work and the fact that you’re dating with a vengeance, do you think you might be setting yourself up for… Continue Reading

Finding Time to Write

Finding Time to Write

You’re not finding time to write? I’m not surprised. Most of us never find time to write. We make the time to write. And we because we know that time suckers can dominate our days, we schedule blocks of writing time and hold those inviolate. Continue Reading

Develop Fictional Characters: A Worksheet

Develop Fictional Characters: A Worksheet

So you’ve tried to develop fictional characters when you write. If they still seem like characters rather than people, you probably haven’t figured out who they really are. Writers who know their characters inside and out often say that those characters not only spring to life, they dictate what happens to them. Continue Reading

ISBN Warning

ISBN Warning

Book designer Jennifer Omner of ALL Publications wrote about ISBNs—unique numerical book identifiers that are assigned to each edition and variation (hard cover, soft cover, ebook, audio) of a book—in a recent newsletter. The information is so important and so on target that I asked her if I could run it. Her ISBN Warning: Continue Reading

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